Naturism for Dummies

It has only been a few years since I started considering myself a naturist. I found it difficult at first to find the information I was looking for.  This was especially true of the information I find most valuable which is the stories of others experiences that I think help show you are not alone, … Continue reading Naturism for Dummies


This is a follow up post of a sort.  Earlier this spring while visiting the Port Burwell nude beach we unexpectedly saw someone Tara knew from work.  It was an interesting experience to say the least but in the end we had a new naturist couple to socialize with. Caught Naked, Again After that day … Continue reading Nude-B-Q

Nude With Textiles

We are fortunate that when visiting our home some of our closer textile friends who visit are accustomed to Tara and I not getting dressed when they stop by.  Clearly you are good friends when a non-nudist/naturist visits your home not only are they not bothered by your nudity, they are genuinely surprised if they … Continue reading Nude With Textiles

Caught Naked, Again

We have learned from our last experience and are much more careful when greeting people at the door without pants on. So no we did not open the door while naked to an unexpected and unsuspecting person again (yet).  This was very much a different situation and was a much more positive experience in the … Continue reading Caught Naked, Again

Naked Truths: The Downsides

There are seemingly an infinite number of benefits to being a naturist.  Positive body image, increased self confidence, reduced stress, improved sleep, it goes on forever.  I have touched on all of these in one way or another in previous blogs and maybe I could write a whole post putting it all in one place, … Continue reading Naked Truths: The Downsides

An Experiment in Social Nudia

SEE UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM A few weeks back I noticed that of the number of items trending on twitter no single trend was above ten thousand, which is actually not that high a number.  And I wondered what would happen if something related to naturism managed to start trending? Now I find it highly … Continue reading An Experiment in Social Nudia

Super Nude Sunday

Like most people in North America we were invited to a party to watch the super bowl. The hosts were our friends Diane and Sam who are not "naturists" but love being naked for, lets say other purposes. We were originally told it would be mixed company which meant it would be a textile friendly … Continue reading Super Nude Sunday

The Nude Effect.

So you have decided to give nudism/naturism a try, good for you. Unlike those people who win the lottery and claim it wont change them, most naturists won't make that same claim. In a textile dominated world, those of us who see clothes as an option rather than a requirement are going to do things … Continue reading The Nude Effect.