Working Naked

No, I did not forget to put pants on before heading into the office one day.  I am not that out of my mind yet. It is a privilege for a select few of us, the opportunity to work from home on occasion.

No, this is not me!

In a previous job I was able to do so two or three times a week.  My current position requires a more hands on approach so working from home is not something I do very often anymore.  However in our modern and very connected world, no one thinks much of it if once a month I play the “have an appointment” or “the roads are terrible” game as an excuse to work from home, avoiding the office and the terrible torment of getting dressed.  I hope this is something each of you gets the opportunity to try at least once in your life because being naked while working makes working much more fun. Just for fun, I thought I would document a recent work naked from home day.

6:00 AM

My usual morning alarm, this gives me about an hour and a half to shower, shave, have a morning coffee, and make the train.  I knew the weather was going to be bad and that I’d likely work from home, but Canadian weather can throw you a curve ball so I kept my normal alarm time just in case. I quickly checked my phone, local schools closed, some trains cancelled/delayed, I was not even going to think twice about this and I went back to sleep.

7:00 AM

Second alarm goes off.  This time I actually have to drag myself away from bed.  As any good naturist would, I sleep naked so there are no silly pajamas to strip out of before my morning shower, I do have my slippers ready to go even for the short walk from my bed to the shower, hardwood and tile can be cold in the morning.

7:30 AM

With a nice hot shower to warm my soul I made my way to the kitchen where Tara was already waiting with our morning coffee.  Tara was not as fortunate as I was that day and was unable to work from home.  For that reason she was a little unhappy when I walked into the kitchen wearing only my slippers and she was fully dressed and ready to leave for the office. We can access our garage directly from the house so I  helped her carry some things into the car and even opened/closed her car door for her like a naked gentleman.  Tara, a little jealous about my working naked from home opportunity, did not wait for me to be inside again before using the remote to open the garage door. You can imagine the smile on her face as I was forced to run back inside the house.  Partly to avoid any neighbours spotting me naked before the garage door slowly opened, but also because this is Canadian Winter and it was probably -20 Celsius that day.

8:30 AM

I finally decide to open my laptop and actually do some work. Not much to speak of here actually.  I was just replying to some emails and other mundane tasks.  Most naturists have likely sent an email while naked so nothing too exciting about this.  Sure you can smile a little with the idea your boss or someone you may not like very much has no idea you are completely nude while typing the email or even better while conversing via our in house chat messenger or talking on the phone.  Otherwise uneventfull.

9:00 AM

First conference call of the day was at 9. Thankfully it was not a video conference, that came later on.  It was actually a rather casual meeting where we spent the first half talking about the weather, and the second half planning when to rebook this meeting since several people that were needed were clearly stuck in traffic and had not made it into the office in time for 9 AM.  One of those who was in the office did ask if any of us who had called in from home had even bothered to change from their Pajamas yet.  With a grin I just said that I got up, got showered and just got right back into my PJ’s which is not even a lie really.  The rest of the morning was uneventful and boring.  Sorry my job is not very exciting.

12:00 PM

Lunch time! With no colleagues to join for lunch I had to settle with making my own food in my kitchen.  When cooking for just myself I usually keep it simple.  That day I purposefully chose to warm a can of soup so there was no need to bother with even an apron or anything like that.  I ignored my laptop for the lunch hour, sat in front of the fireplace and watched some Netflix. I did have to prepare for my first afternoon meeting however not the way you might think.

1:30 PM

I was booked for a video conference where I was expected to give a short presentation. Again, not very exciting however you cannot participate in a video conference while naked and expect to keep your job, well not most of us. I have done this a few times now and I know how to make the most of it.  Since it is not often I work from home or anywhere other than an office, I don’t bother with any fancy video conferencing equipment, just my laptop camera and the software our whole company uses.  As such is Picture1it very simple to put on a collared shirt and as long as you make sure not to stand up at any time, pants are just not necessary. Several years ago before I was a naturist I worked from home much more often and would do the same thing but with sweat pants or shorts on so it was not a big deal to go a step further with my personal inside joke. I admit there is the chance someone trying to be funny will attempt to call me out and ask if I had bothered to put on pants.  There is always that one guy in every department. It has thankfully not happened yet and should that day come I have a response planned where I will just say I do not wish to spoil the mystery.  This time the only remark about clothing was a joke that I could have at least put on a tie.

I have mentioned many times how normal it feels to perform everyday activities while naked, the adjustment is usually quick and feels natural/normal in no time.  If there is an exception I would say its the conference calls.  I always feel a bit giddy during plain audio and even video conferences knowing the people on the other end have no idea they are talking to someone who is naked, or at least half naked.  I actually hope that joy never fades as I am sure most of you know how excruciatingly boring business meetings are.


Once the meeting was finished, I made 100% sure my camera was turned off and the conference software was closed before getting up and removing my shirt again.  It was time for a coffee break!

3:00 PM

Back to the hum drum part of my job, I was taking part in another conference call, audio only this time thankfully, while simultaneously working on yet another presentation I was to deliver later that week.  I was in the middle of speaking when I heard the garage door open, Tara was home early.  It turned out her office is not completely heartless and they began to send anyone who did not 100% need to be there home early.  Rush hours in the Toronto area are insane on a good day, throw in a little snow or rain and it becomes a nightmare so anyone who gets out early is fortunate.  Once Tara was inside and saw I was on a call she decided she still wished to express her jealousy of my work naked day and take a small amount of further revenge on me.  While I carried on a very robust conversation about something I am sure was important but I could not remember now, Tara undressed inside our front door like she often does, however she did not head to the bedroom with her discarded clothes but instead tossed them one article of clothing at time in my direction.  The smile on her face was ear to ear, though in my own small act of defiance I left her one sock resting where it landed on my shoulder for some time after until it finally fell off.

Once my call was done I decided to wrap up the day myself.  I made my commute entirely naked all the way from the home office to our family room.  The only down side to the whole day was rather than our usual rock, paper, scissors game to see who got dressed for the “skip the dishes” delivery, I was the elected loser by default.

There you have it.  A typical day in the life of how a naturist with a textile job is still able to work naked once in a while.  For a little added fun I thought I would close out with a slightly different perspective.  Click the below link for a YouTube video that shows how people in a small company, none of whom are naturists, work naked together for a day.  I don’t know much about the background of why they chose to do this, it is interesting all the same.

What it is like when everyone in the office get naked

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